Executive Responsibility:

Chief Customer and Digital Officer

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Link to business principles:

Be committedDo things our own way

Link to principal risks:

Competition, markets and customers; people and culture

We aspire to be responsible members of our community, as this reflects our aim to always do the right thing; it also matters to our shareholders, customers and colleagues.

2017/18 achievements

  • We have relaunched our charitable initiatives with our colleagues, with a Charity Booklet containing details of activities which they can participate in and fundraising ideas
  • This is the second year of our partnership with Home-Start UK and support and donations continue to grow
  • We continue to support our colleagues in their charitable fundraising efforts by offering an annual day's paid leave to support charitable activities
  • Colleagues have proactively organised larger events to support Home-Start including a golf day and charity ball, as well as smaller events in individual stores and offices
  • We continue to support local causes and communities where possible to ensure we help the local areas we serve around our entire store estate

Our Policies

We are proud to support Home-Start UK as our "charity of the year". Collections are made in-store, specific fundraising events are organised both by individuals and business areas and the Group makes its own donations. Each store has a 'Charity Champion' and amounts raised by store are reported monthly, with the top three recognised in the Dunelm Gazette each quarter.

We also support colleagues who are raising money for charities of their choice, by matching the sums raised by a donation it to Home-Start UK. All colleagues are entitled to, and are encouraged to take, an extra day's paid leave to undertake charitable activities, either individually or as a team.

We donate funds raised from English and Scottish carrier bag sales to Home-Start UK, and from Welsh carrier bag sales to GroundWork, a charitable organisation which brings people and the environment together with practical local action to build stronger communities. They aim to create more green spaces, and get people back into work through creating green jobs.

Measuring our impact

  • The total value of charitable donations made by the Group in the period ended 30 June 2018 was £102,009 (2017: £35,998)
  • Total funds raised for charity by the Group and colleagues were £490,717 (2017: £365,774). Of this, £455,630 was raised for Home-Start UK (2017: £340,776)

What's next for 2018/19

  • Our Charity Committee will focus on driving colleague and customer engagement with our charitable activities to ensure we are giving back as much as possible. We will be appointing a new Charity partner or partners as part of our usual two year rotation
  • We will increase our company matched funding
  • We will make it easier for colleagues to donate to charity through Payroll Giving
  • We continue to support local causes and communities where possible to ensure we help the local areas we serve around our entire estate